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ARE YOU LGBTQIA+ AND LIVE IN THE SOUTH? Consider taking a survey for the Campaign for Southern Equality!

-What is the Southern LGBTQ Health Survey?
The survey is part of the Southern LGBTQ Health Initiative, a new collaboration between the Campaign for Southern Equality and Western NC Community Health Services to increase access to LGBTQ-friendly health care in the South. Any LGBTQ person who is 18 years or older and lives in the South can take the survey. Our goal is that the survey will reflect the amazing diversity of the LGBTQ South in race, gender, geography and class.

-Why are we doing this?
There is a growing amount of national data about LGBTQ health, but limited data about how LGBTQ Southerners experience health issue and health care. We want to change that through this survey. Data is a powerful tool in telling stories about what individuals and communities experience and in advocating for change. It’s also a tool in documenting trends that happen within a community. We will be using the survey data to advocate for better LGBTQ health care in the South. The survey results will be published and we will do outreach to LGBTQ organizations to make sure they have access to this data. Our goal is that this data can be a tool for LGBTQ community members, for health care providers, and for advocates who are working to increase access to LGBTQ-friendly health care.

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Welcome to the Nationz Foundation! We are located in Richmond, Virginia. Incorporated as of May 27, 2015 we are assisting the Greater Richmond Area with a focus on LGBTQ+ people to access testing, linkage to care and hollistic services to increase wellness.  


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